September 11, 2015


Hi everyone

Welcome to the new version of my website.

After careful considerations, i decided not to use any CMS (content management system) and build it from an empty page. Some people will say that is a pretty bold decision, because with the evolution of web technologies and tools, it can be a waste of time for that kind of website(personal portfolio with blog functionalities ) to be redone entirely. For that reason I am saying yes it is a bold idea, but for me, it represents a challenge that I was willing to take, and also gather as much experience and knowledge about those new technologies.

This website is not in his final state, It will continuously evolve, integrating new technologies and ways to treat, manage and display information using computer technologies. I will be glad to share with all of you those experiences in my blog, hopefully helping beginner programmers with useful information and also gather more knowledge from the entire community. In that regard, if you have questions, Informations, better ways to do, please feel free to leave a note in the comment section of the articles or use the form in the About Me section.

Except programming, I am also doing other activities, that I would like to share with you and might peak your interest, just a tiny bit. You can find them in the Side activities section.

I would like to mention the change log in the About Me section. This part will show all major updates and functionality applied to the website. For sure, if you are interested in knowing more about certain updates don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you