June 26, 2017

Form Tester 0.1


Form Tester 0.1 is a javascript/jQuery tool for Web Developers, for automatically filling up a form with relevant dummy data. The main goal of this tool is to help programers, during the development and testing phase, by providing relevant data to a form.


  • JQuery library Downloadable here or by using a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • formTester-0.1.js downloadable here (or the formTester-0.1.min.js here)
  • This tool utilise Ajax (via jQuery) so cannot work without an internet connection.

How to use it:

Demo Page

After including formTester-0.1.js on the page containing the form(or on your header view or master page), on the bottom right, you will see a button "Form Tester":

Clicking that button will open a menu on the right side, that will list, for this version, all "id" representing an "input"" tag of type text or password.

Each of the "id" are paired to a dropdown menu that allows you the determine what the "input" represent(e.g: user name, password, email address, etc...).

Clicking the "Random User" button will send a request to a web service, that will return the requested data, and automatically fill your form.

This version list only html input tags of type text and password only.

Where that idea came from:

In my developer career, especially in a web environment, I found that the task of creating and testing a form was somewhat tedious when it came the time to find relevant data to fill it. Obviously, websites like http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/ helped a lot in that regard but, personally, and depending on the form size, copy-paste was not ideal for me. Consequently, a couple of years back in my career, I implemented a similar tool(way less general), that helped me focus on the functionalities within my form and let the tool handle the data to fill it. For mainly this reason, I decided to take that code and transform it into a tool that could help(I definitely hope) other web developers.

What is next:

Obviously, this tool will keep evolving and integrate as much data as possible to serve a wider audience.

At the moment, only data relative to a user are available, but I am planning to integrate, in a near future, data related to a product.

Bug reports and requests:

To report any bug or malfunction, or even to request new features, please don't hesitate to contact me at this email.